4.4.1 Overview

EFAK has very low requirements for server hardware. Only 1 core of CPU and 2GB of memory can run, and it supports the whole platform (Linux, macOS, Windows). At the same time, EFAK can manage multiple Kafka clusters (without installing a EFAK service for each Kafka cluster).

4.4.2 Advanced


Users can easily use KSQL, can quickly query the data in topic.


Through the Consumers module. Users can view the runtime of consumer programs intuitively, and analyze and judge the health of applications with more graphs.


Manage and view EFAK process service status through ke.sh script [command](3.Quick Start/6.Shell.md).

JDK Encoding

When you deploy EFAK on the server where it is installed, the encode of the installed JDK is not UTF-8. When you use the mock feature of EFAK, you will get an exception when sending data in Unicode encoding format.

Then, You can run the following command:

ke.sh jdk


You can also view the process of EFAK by executing gc command:

ke.sh gc

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