3.Core Modules

4.3.1 Overview

The monitor system is the most important link of the operation process even the lifecycle of a product. It sends alarms before accidents and provides detailed data for the investigation of issues. There are many choices of open source kafka monitor system as a muture product in operation industry.

So, we can look up EFAK feature and architecture.

4.3.2 Feature

EFAK consists of dashboard, collect, storage, alarm, authority authentication and other core feature modules. Each feature module is responsible for the following:

  • Dashboard: Responsible for visualizing the performance indicators of Kafka cluster , analyzing the runtime of consumer and producer applications.

  • Collect: Responsible for collecting performance indicators of all Kafka and service indicators of consumers and producers through timers.

  • Storage: Responsible for storing all collected data, user metadata, user alarm data. Currently supports MySQL and SQLite.

  • Alarm: Responsible for alarm exception indicators, such as broker shutdown, consumer blocking, producer write exception, etc. Currently supports Mail, DingDing, and WeChat.

  • Authentication: Responsible for authority authentication and distinguish the use authority of different users. For example, the administrator can use all feature.

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