2.Getting Started

1.2.1 Overview

This guide will help you get started and acquainted with EFAK. To learn more about EFAK in general, refer to What is EFAK?

1.2.2 Install EFAK

This step varies according to your computer operating system. Refer to the instructions for your OS in the Installation section for instructions.

1.2.3 Log in for the first time

  • Open your web browser and go to http://localhost:8048/ url.

  • On the login page, type admin for the username and password.

  • Change your password.

We strongly encourage you to follow EFAK best practices and change the default administrator password. Do not forget to record your credentials!

1.2.4 Next steps

Different user types will have different features. Some suggestions are listed below, or refer to What is EFAK? for a general overview of EFAK features.

1.2.5 All Users

All users might want to learn about:

1.2.6 Admins

Administrators might want to learn about:

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